Vanity trays round up

I was looking for a nice tray for my chest of drawers to organize my perfume bottles and accessories so I thought I'd share the ones I liked with you. They are very much budget friendly and chic and they will add a little glam to your vanity or even coffee table. Add a small vase, flowers, a sculpture and some chic accessories and you have yourself a pretty little corner.

Carrie Bethwaghorn's art

I love finding new art sources and keep them on file for any future interior design projects. I was looking for something for my bedroom when I came across Carrie Bethwaghorn 's art and I was truly moved by the story and beautiful creations of hers. I love minimalistic, black & white sketches and paintings in interiors and I will always love feminine form on canvas but I think her art is really special. I think you'll agree after reading her story. And her paintings will look great on your vanity, bedside table or on a living room wall (look how amazing those look!).
You can get them here and make sure to follow Carrie on Instagram!

PS. I really love this quote of hers: 

" When every color on the color spectrum is combined, the result is black. This is the color our society tends to neglect. It is reserved for high fashion editorials and funerals, a color of elegance, dignity, mourning, and obscurity. I am driven and transformed through my pain and often find solace in complete desperation. I hope everyone can at some point truly inspect themselves and revel in the darkest, most damaged parts because that is where we most often find our light. For me, there is no greater beauty than the stark contrast of ink against canvass. Every woman is a canvass. Every color is a story.  Altogether theses stories create a rich, concentrated form. This is the source of my ink. Contrast is what makes life beautiful. "

Closet goals

I can’t get enough of looking at the pictures of this amazing closet designed by Alice Lane Home for a fashion blogger Emily Jackson.
I follow Alice Lane on Facebook and I just fell so much in love with this space when they shared it.
I love everything about this room, from the patterned carpets to the marble tops and the all the accessories, a perfect combination of sophisticated and edgy and just so chic. 
Definitely a huge inspiration and styling lesson and an amazing eye candy even if you don’t have a massive walking in closet!

If you can handle more awesomeness, have a look at her kitchen too (you need to see those blue open shelves, they are to die for).
Are you in love yet?

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Bright luxury by Gillian Segal

I shared another project of Gillian Segal here before, her own, beautiful home and as I really admire her style I wanted to show you another project from her amazing portfolio. I love her projects for their feminine vibe with funky details, they feel so young, fun and vibrant yet still luxurious. 

To start with, I am completely in love with this room, I love the neutral palette all over with the touches of blue. The chaise is amazing and the dark blue occasional chairs add vibrations to the room and play beautifully with the cushions. The fire place is an amazing feature too and did you notice the cute pink phone? 

Insane dining room, the whole still looks cozy despite lack of natural materials like wood, I love the contrast too. And this mural is so fun!

Ashlina from Decorista wrote a blog post on lucite/acryclic furniture recently and I couldn't agree with her more on why they work so well!! Loving the clean look.

I am a big fan of the chinoiserie panels used to decorate bed sides so obviously love those, velvet headboard is not so practical but gosh doesn't it look good?

all pics from here 

Brett Heyman’s Connecticut Escape

Imagine walking right next to your dream house everyday and then actually buy it, that would be amazing, right?  This house is actually a summer/country house (wow) of Brett Heyman, founder of Edie Parker and it was designed by Marc Cunningha (an amazing designer, check out his portfolio for more gems). I love the house's classic details like the dramatic curtains and antiques, traditional shapes of sofas and chairs, I think they are perfect for the country house, you can really feel you are away from the city. The art was picked by the owner and it's truly an amazing add to the space, especially the black and white photographs (I am still obsessed with them)! 

This sofa is beautiful, I love the arms and back cushions!

Art, art, art!

This breakfast nook is so perfect and I love those industrial style chairs with more traditional cabinets. 

I absolutely adore everything about this  little corner, ultimate bedroom goals!!

All pictures via One Kings Lane
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