I have another gift guide for you guys, for a special man in our life! Somehow it ended up being a very blue gift guide but hey why not? I find it most difficult to shop for men and is it me or their gifts are often more expensive?? Anyway I love those, I hope it helps you find the perfect gift!

1 / All Saints Jumper - both stylish and warm
2 /Moisturising Clinique Cream - because they never buy it themselves
3 / Slippers with polar bears - to me comfy at home
4 / Wireless headphones -they are so cool I want them too
5 / Classic Perfume
6 / Mulberry Wallet - small and handy
7 / Cool JCrew bomber Jacket - cool colour and style with edge
8 / Stylish Pocket square - to be stylish in the office
9 / Floral Tie - I fell in love with this print
10 / Cocktail making Set - I bought this before and I think it makes a great gift! Also this!
11 / Luxury Socks - how awesome are those??
12 / Fossil Watch - my fav watch brand
13 / Polka dot Scarf - from Zara in a nice design and affordable price!

Its is so much fun to buy stuff for kids, they obviously love presents and it's such a joy to give it go them. Here is a gift guide for the little ones! I have a 8 year old sister so some of those are definitely going on the list! 

1 / Star wars cushion - perfect for a boy's room
2 / Pompom sneakers - honestly Zara has just amazing stuff for kids at the moment
3 / Paint splatter jeans - as above!! I would wear them!!
4 / Jenga game - getting one for my little sis for all us to play together
5 / Wooden fire engine toy - cute and fun
6 / Knit two tone hat - to keep the little ears warm
7 / Lego friends - a lot of hours of putting all the pieces together, you know the drill!
8 / Graffitibackpack - boys will love it, it has GRAFFITI on it!
9 / Plush giraffe - absolutely stunning!
10 / Guess who game - I used to love to play this
11 / Speaker and mic - for the little ones with singing ambitions
12 / Lego Porsche - not the cheapest but wow!
13 / Soft blanket with the hood - cute and cuddly!!
Christmas is literally around the corner now so here is the first of the 2016 gift guides, how exciting?? I am trying to buy my presents early this year, I can't even deal with the idea of going anywhere near Oxford street or Westfields past the 15th of December. Thank the lord for internet shopping!!
1 / Leopard coat - it's so on trend right now and who doesn't love leopard?
2 / Set of make up brushes - to make someone feel like a beauty blogger
3 / Fossil wallet - I love their watches and the new collection is so amazing!
4 / Grey scarf - chic and will keep her warm
5 / Faux fur throw - I have a similar one from there and it is the best
6 / Aerin Candle - smells amazing and lasts !
7 / Bronzing powder - for a little summer in the winter
8 / Purple bag - I love everything about this bag, especially the color!
9 / Floral bedding - I fell in love with this print, how pretty??
10 / Sleek eye palette - it's a new one, their eyeshadows are just the best, colors are vivid and lasts all day and so affordable!!
11 / Pink cashmere beanie - I would totally get it if I looked good in hats
12 / Metallic Birkenstock - most comfy shoes on earth in the coolest finish
13 / Harrods facials - I got the "La Prairie" facial for my birthday in August and it was soooo good. Totally worth it if you want to treat someone you love!!
As some of you know I was nominated for the Amara Blog Awards this year (still excited about it) and I was invited for the Awards night in the Ham Yard Hotel. I was really excited and a little nervous to go mostly because I didn't know anybody personally, only via Instagram and their blogs! Everybody was so lovely and friendly though, I had so much fun and it was so nice to see everybody and be part of it! 

Today I want to introduce you to a fellow blogger that I met at the Awards and more specifically her beautiful art! Jessica has recently asked me to do a guest blog post on her blog to which I happily agreed both because she is such a lovely person and I truly in love with her paintings! Jessica is a blogger but also a professional artist with a background in theatre design and a talent to create timeless abstract pieces that are simply magical. Through their texture, colors and movement they have an ability to add life to any space and are both calming and dramatic in one.

I've chosen some of my favorite pieces below but you can see more on her website! If you are after an original abstract painting or a print I recommend to have a look! Also, Romo stocks fabrics and cushions with Jessica's prints and you can buy them here.

And.... to top this all up, Jessica would like to offer one of you guys her A2 limited edition print of your choice, how amazing??? Head on over on my instagram for more details...

So guys. I posted the first thing about my bedroom make-over here which was literally over a year ago, what the heck? I was planning for this post much faster obviously but I haven't gotten around to actually do much about my bedroom. I bought bits and pieces here and then but I didn't really put the whole thing together. But I thought before I share the finished room I will share progress and the before pictures with you for now.

So just for a little bit of background, I moved to this apartment 2 years ago and I've been living there since with my sister. We were really lucky to find it and I really like how cosy it is. My sister is barely there sharing her life between a boyfriend in Paris and a travelling job so I have the place to myself a lot of times.

The apartment has one bigger and one smaller bedroom and I've taken the smaller one (I don't remember how we decided about it but I felt like the smaller was meant for me despite the tiny size).
When I say small I mean "only a double bed and chest of drawers" small. Which is fine as there is a big living space but it means there is no much space to decorate so it's important to chose the right items as there is only as much that can fit!

I have a Svelvik bed (which apparently doesn't exist anymore, I think they replace it with this??) and the Malm chest of drawers from Ikea from my previous apartment so I didn't have to buy any furniture. I asked the landlord to remove the bed that was previously there as I didn't want to get rid of mine (which was a good idea apparently since it disappeared from the website). 

So here is how the bedroom looked few months ago, not really nice, I know - but this is what the before pictures are for, right? 
The walls were standard Magnolia when we moved in so we spent a whole day painting the walls one day to cover it. Our lovely landlord let us paint it in off-white so we went with this paint from Home base own brand which was really cheap but I have to say it did the job and it dried super fast for us to do 2 layers in one day (of 3 rooms).

So that how it looked in the beginning and to be honest there hasn't been that many changes since but it looks a little bit better still. There is still a lot to add, I am waiting for few special deliveries, especially the poster to go above the bed, scatter cushions and nice new bedding, can't wait!

And here is a little updated mood-board with what's still coming and can't wait to share the finished room with you! xx

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